During 2020 I focused on bringing to life my book Seriously Playful Creativity, an A to Z of Creative ideas to spark action and reflection.  It was a personal and professional legacy that I wanted to create during a time of such uncertainty and volatility. It was a creative project that energised and grounded me.

In the book I’ve mapped ideas that I have come to understand help and hinder my creativity. I find they are useful to have at the forefront of my mind when I need focus, inspiration or doubt my direction.  I know from coaching conversations and workshops I have facilitated these ideas are often the concerns, challenges, and thoughts that others experience with their creativity.

It’s not a definitive guide, the territory of creativity resides within each and every one of us to adventure into. It’s designed to take you on a journey that you can explore in a linear way, starting from A and ending in Z; or you can just dive in anywhere. You can work with each of these ideas one day at a time, one week, one month, or one year at a time.

The main thing is to actively engage with the ideas, play with them, absorb them, and see how you respond and what encourages you to act.  Understand what resonates and sparks for you?  Get to know what hinders you and the habits that are helpful and unhelpful.  See how the book can help you ignite your creativity, bring your projects to life, or think about them in different ways if you’re a little stuck. I’ve used the book with groups of people and individual coaching.  If you are interested in knowing a more, here’s a brief interview that explains it a little more.

Here’s what others say about the book:

At a time when we are physically confined, true freedom can on only be achieved through our imagination. Seriously Playful Creativity, has given me practical, applied tools and tips for accessing my creativity, in ways that I have not done in many years. It has empowered creative freedom, during a time physical and social confinement. Many thanks to Dr Cathryn Lloyd, for bringing this gift to the world, just what it is needed most.

Paul Barrie, Coach & Facilitator

Exploring your book, Seriously Playful Creativity: An A-Z of Creative Action and Reflection, in both (virtual) sessions you offered, enabled me to tap into my creativity and share with others and their perspectives on creativity and how they are using the book. Doing your suggested exercise a few days before the second session really focused my attention that week and not just for the session. I was able to focus my mind outside my immediate concerns and blocks, helping me to see things more clearly.

Doing the live activities even with zoom, were inclusive and stimulating. We don’t all see the world in the same way or hear the question in the same way and this was very powerful. Just taking that short time out, forgetting everything else was just what I needed. And I loved what everyone else came up with – including the writings. The connections are open and authentic, and this comes down to the space you create. All this came about through your Seriously Playful Creativity book, and I would highly recommend.

Eileen Duncan – Leadership Coach; Governance, Policy Review

The production of the book is entirely Queensland made.  All the businesses involved from design, editing and printing are Queensland businesses. If you are looking for Christmas gifts for yourself, friends, family and colleagues, Seriously Playful Creativity is a unique present.

It’s available from the following bookshops Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, State Library of Queensland, and Museum of Brisbane.  You can also purchase via Maverick Minds website.

And if you let me know who the book is for, I will sign it.

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