Maverick Minds welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients on unique programs to design bespoke learning solutions.

For many of our clients their programs are designed and delivered in this way.

We can include a combination of any of the existing programs and incorporate new ideas to design a creative learning experience that meets your organisational needs.

‘Design Your Own’ can include relevant theories, concepts and experiential learning that enables participants to dive deep into the heart of what is needed and important to them and to your organisation.

Based on an initial exploratory consultation, Maverick Minds, in conjunction with your organisation will design a program to suit your requirements.

Maverick Minds recommends and uses diagnostic interviewing to better understand what is going on from your employees’ perspective.

Through in-depth conversations and input from your staff, Maverick Minds can respond in the best possible way to provide creative, meaningful and relevant professional learning experiences.

‘Design Your Own’ offers flexible delivery from half-day and full day workshops to a more extensive program that can be delivered over a period of months.

The duration of the program will inform the basis and depth of the content of what can be delivered to meet your needs.

Programs can include individual and team coaching to enhance and embed the learning experience.

“At Medland Metropolis we invest in our people. My request of Dr Cathryn was to improve the communication within the office, and to our clients. While learning through art was not the most risky investment in training we’ve made, initially there were some sceptics. With many hours of briefing and background work, we received exceptional value for money! In very little time, the result was an awareness of our communication strengths and problems, basic skills to overcome the problems, and a commitment from the team to improve. Our ‘finished artistic product’ – the communications prototype, was a far cry from our first attempt, and will remain an office masterpiece as a reminder of our quest for effective communication. I highly recommend Maverick Minds for communication sessions, and I imagine any other topic you could think of would also be a success. We’ll definitely be looking for a longer term relationship with the skills we’ve witnessed in these sessions.”

Todd McCann, State Manager, Medland Metropolis QLD

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