Artful Inquiry… How does that help you and your team?

Artful Inquiry is a way for individuals and teams to explore ideas imaginatively and strategically through a range of innovation, inventive, resourceful, reflective and aesthetic processes.

Artful Inquiry creates new insights, personal expression, a different perspective plus a multiple ways to learn and understand the environment in which you operate.

It allows an opening up of issues and themes within teams rather than closing down.

It requires curiosity, thoughtful risk-taking, courage, a willingness to suspend judgement and an ability to tolerate ambiguity.

The Maverick Minds learning environment provide a safe space for inquiry, discussion, reflection and action. Participants interact within groups, experientially and creatively.

The process of Artful Inquiry is used as a catalyst for learning, development and change. Exposure to arts-based learning processes enables creativity and innovation to come alive in your business.


To provide clients with the best possible facilitation, coaching, and learning experiences that inspire, shift your thinking, encourage creativity, generate positive and meaningful change, and keep you focused on what is important.


Maverick Minds understands that businesses have a range of needs that require different approaches. That’s why we have a team of dedicated and highly skilled professionals collaborating to provide you with the best possible approach to achieve the outcomes you desire.




lies at the heart of human endeavour, innovation and transformation


respectfully and collaboratively work to meet the unique needs of our clients


recognise and appreciate the unique qualities of individuals and groups


providing high quality creative, flexible and effective learning experiences for people


value the hallmarks of integrity – trust, consistency, dependability, honesty

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