Artful Inquiry is a way for individuals and groups to explore ideas imaginatively and strategically through a range of innovative, inventive, resourceful, reflective and aesthetic processes.

The workshop creates new insights, personal expression, and a different perspective that leaves your participants with a memorable learning experience that will challenge and change the way they think.

It allows an opening-up of issues and themes within themselves rather than closing down.

It requires curiosity, thoughtful risk-taking, courage, a willingness to suspend judgement and an ability to tolerate ambiguity.

The Maverick Minds learning environment provides a safe space for inquiry, discussion, reflection and action. Participants interact within themselves and groups, experientially and creatively.

The process of Artful Inquiry is used as a catalyst for learning, development and changing the way people think.

Try something different for your company or client we guarantee that it will ignite ideas unleash people’s mindful creativity and ingenuity, and create positive change.

“The workshop facilitated by Maverick Minds helped me to focus on the inner work of leadership. The exercises were simple yet penetrating and directly applicable to my work in leadership. I anticipate that my reflections from the workshop will continue in the months ahead and help me to remain focused in my work.”

Ian Boardman, Director, Queensland Leadership Program, Benevolent Society

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