Creative Coaching is a confidential and collaborative working partnership between the coach and client. Each client and coaching requirement is unique as such there is no one set formula for working together.

Trust and responsibility are at the heart of the coaching profession. The purpose, duration, and approach to the coaching relationship and sessions are designed, negotiated and agreed between the coach and client.

By entering this relationship, both Client and Coach acknowledge the client’s desire to create positive change and make improvements.

It is ultimately the client’s responsibility to enact and bring about the desired improvements and change.



Discover what is important and uncover what is possible


Cultivate a creative culture


Explore elegant solutions to complex challenges


Bring your creative life, business venture, and projects to fruition


Identify opportunities and develop a creative mindset


Create, innovate and bring about positive change


Shift your thinking and gain a new perspective

Creativity Coaching is not therapy, counselling, or training and does not involve diagnosing or treating mental health issues.

Cathryn’s background being in the arts, design, management, education and business brings a unique range of skills, experience and knowledge to coaching. Maverick Minds have a particular interest in working with clients to cultivate creative resilience, intelligence and leadership.

We do this by using a blended coaching methodology, and a process of ‘artful inquiry’ and reflection. We listen, support, encourage and challenge you to take ownership of your creative life and to reflect on how you can support others to do the same.


An initial consultation to establish the outcomes
2×60 minute sessions (via skype/phone/in person)
One follow up email per session
An initial consultation to establish the outcomes
4 x 60 minute sessions (via skype/phone/in person)
Two follow up emails per session
An initial consultation to establish the outcomes
6 x 60 minute coaching sessions (via skype/phone/in person)
Two follow up emails per session
An initial consultation to establish the needs of each member and the group
6 x 90 minute face-to-face coaching sessions with a minimum of three people and maximum number of eight people
An in depth and intense 90 minute single stand-alone session with one follow up email

Collaboratively we decide the most appropriate and effective way to work together.

Sessions can happen face-to-face, via Skype, or Phone with follow up emails.

“I had the great pleasure of working with Cathryn Lloyd on the very tricky business of self-perception. I am an actor, theatre director and teacher of acting. I came to a point in my life where I needed to earn the kind of money that anyone with my level of experience in any other field would easily accept. But how does one maintain one’s artistic integrity and believe in one’s self enough to convince other people of one’s talents. I fell into the trap that a lot of women seem to flail, in that I couldn’t see myself leading a team and yet so many less experienced male colleagues were confidently putting their hand up. The work that Cathryn explored with me was essential in clarifying my purpose, claiming my expertise and articulating my goals. Cathryn understands the creative process and really understood my language. I found the work at times challenging, always enjoyable and ultimately totally rewarding. I loved the sense of play and exploration that allowed new discoveries that took me by surprise. I unreservedly recommend Cathryn as a brilliant coach who through her perceptive use of a variety of tools has assisted me in embarking on a whole new career.”

Andrea Moor, Actor, Director, Educator

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