Have you heard of Idea Spies? Lynn Wood Founder and Chief Idea Spy has created a social enterprise platform for clever ideas, new discoveries and original thinkers. Featuring simply written posts of 100 words or less, the stories aim to expand the mind and spark our imagination. Topics covered include artistic, wellbeing, AI, Business, Health to name a few.

Idea Spies is place where people, industries and governments can inspire action and shape their choices toward moving humanity forward in the right direction. I’m delighted to hear that A Maverick Minds at Work is currently the most popular Artistic idea over the past year.

While we need to be aware of what is happening in the world around us, too much negative news is not good for our wellbeing. Idea Spies looks for positive, news and stories with the idea of ‘cheerscrolling’, acknowledging people doing positive things in the world.

I’m delighted to step into the role of Idea Spies Wellbeing Editor. I’ll be keeping my eye out for creative wellbeing ideas. If you know of people, projects, ideas that are doing inspiring things in the wellbeing space let me know so we can cheer them on.

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