I’ve worked with conflict coaching and mediation expert Dr Samantha Hardy and Founder of CCI Academy on various projects over the years. I’m delighted to collaborate with her on our recent virtual workshop Creativity and Conflict which is now available as a webinar-on-demand. This is an edited version of a live interactive workshop on using creativity to reflect on conflict. The webinar is an invitation to intentionally experiment with and apply your creativity to reflect on conflict. Gain new insights into your conflict and conflict practice by using creative techniques such as imagery, artefacts and storytelling.

Here’s what Sam and Amy had to say.

I know it’s not likely to end up framed in a gallery, but you’d be astonished how much my poor attempt at drawing developed my thinking about the conflict situation I was reflecting on, especially when I combined it with some ‘provocations’ including artifacts, a letter, a word, and an image. Dr Cathryn Lloyd will guide you through a creative process to prompt you to see and think differently about conflict. I guarantee you will discover something new and perhaps surprising!
Sam Hardy, CCI Academy

“I think I’m going to start drawing my conflicts, to be honest, because I think that was what sparked a change for me. We can all talk for hours very eloquently, but if I was actually going to do something other than talk about it, what would it be? And drawing it just kind of flipped a switch to thinking about it in a different way. So I think I might judiciously, and possibly not very publicly in the office, draw some of my conflicts to get that change happening. And I think I’ll share it with my team as well.”
Amy Bird, Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission.

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