Research shows, (we know this intuitively), that being around plants is good for our health and wellbeing. If we are fortunate to have access to a garden, park, forest, or streetscape our mental health and wellbeing increases. This has become increasingly important over the last couple of years. During the past year I’ve become a huge fan of succulents. They are amazingly beautiful, hardy, and interesting plants.

While there are questions around how effective plants are in filtering indoor air quality, there seems to be agreement that if you want to enhance your mood, memory, creativity, and bring joy to your life, indoor plants are worth investing in, and they also make great sustainable gifts.

Some indoor plants that have been recommended include the Aloe Plant, English Ivy, Rubber Tree, Peace Lily, and Snake Plant. You can always experiment and see what works for you and your environment and get a sense of what brings you joy.

Click here to read more with an article by the BBC on how house plants improve your health.

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