Mm365 Gallery Wall – photo Cathryn Lloyd

A feature of my coaching practice is to help others tap into their creative potential. It’s about walking the talk and honouring my creativity which in turn will help me be a better and more empathic coach.

At the end of 2021 I asked what my creative project would be for 2022 and how can I continue to challenge and focus my creativity. That question landed me on the idea of making an artwork/image a day, hence project mm365 was born. I wanted to explore how that commitment would shift my creativity over the year, what I would learn and change as a result. What creative harvest might I reap? The declaration to produce an artwork each day is more demanding than I appreciated, but I’m compelled to see it through.

Creativity is not always a free for all, and often is more challenging than we appreciate. In that regard constraints can be very helpful. In this case I gave myself a few to kick start and keep me on track. These include –

  1. Size of image: I took the issue of having to decide on the size of the artwork out of the daily decision-making process. All the images are postcard size inspired by a series of old family postcards.
  2. Every-day inspiration: The images are all hand made, and inspired by moments, observations, reflections, conversations, big or small and materials found, drawn, painted, and collaged. No digital technology has been harmed in the making of these images.
  3. The Bricoleur: This is about being resourceful and working with materials that are available and at hand. A lot of the materials I use are upcycled. It’s not about having the latest and greatest. It’s based on being resourceful and using what I have at hand.
  4. Commitment: I produce the images regardless, inspired or not, with an idea or not. I step into the studio and trust I will find a way through. It’s become a discipline to not let the vagaries of inspiration dictate whether I will or won’t create something. Let me tell you I can arrive with very little inspiration or any idea for what that image will be.

People are asking what I intend on doing with this project. I’ve intentionally avoided pre-empting too much. I’m more interested in the process right now, my responses, and the work that emerges each day.

Naturally ideas are emerging, and I’ll make a more informed decision once the project is complete. I’m trying not to impose on, or influence, the day-to-day image making process with a pre-destined outcome. What I do know, is that I will have a body of work to play with at the end…so watch this space.

In the meantime, a few emerging insights I can share, that may be of interest to you and your business.

  • Learn how to work with uncertainty and let go
  • Set up structures for yourself and your team, and give space to what emerges
  • Refrain from judgement and perfectionism
  • Be intentional, don’t leave creativity to the whim of inspiration
  • Allocate time for special projects, rather than have them sabotaged by business as usual.
  • We are more resourceful than we often think; and the people around us are also resourceful; collaborate and co-operate to create.

I think these are useful insights for all areas of life and work and I’m interested to see what else emerges from this project.

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