Christmas message 2022

As the year draws to close, I’m reflecting on the work and conversations Maverick Minds has had throughout 2022. A couple of themes that emerged were building human connection and workplace flexibility. Given the major disruptions over the past three years it seems right that focusing on relationships would become a priority, enabling people to stay connected and feel a sense of belonging in what is becoming an increasingly disruptive and hybrid working world.

Exploring and experimenting with meaningful ways to keep people connected to one another and their work is central to creating a positive organisational culture. Connection is essential, most work in organisational life requires team-work. Afterall it’s the creativity and commitment of people that make things happen, or not.

Flexible work, when implemented well, is good for everyone. Research from the Productivity Commission and Workplace Gender Equality Agency found the switch to remote working has not materially affected employees’ productivity – and that productivity could even increase if widespread remote working continued. The research found nearly four in five organisations now have a formal flexible work policy or strategy.

For businesses adopting a hybrid model, proper frameworks need to be in place. Employers need to be intentional about how they design and use workspaces now that work environments have options.

Smart and innovative businesses are looking at ways flexibility can work, there is no one right way. There is opportunity to experiment and trial different arrangements.

They refer to examples such as:

  • work from anywhere – including overseas if people need to see family or want to travel
  • minimum of two days and a maximum of three days a week in the office for its professional workers,
  • organising days when everyone is in the office so that people remain connected.

Over the year I’ve had the opportunity to connect and work with some great clients who have focused on the power of connection and the benefits it brings, so I’m handing out the golden gong to a few of my favourite joyful professional engagements this year.

2805264.pngInertia Engineering – for being open minded, curious and trusting as Maverick Minds worked closely with the executive team to design, develop and facilitate their inaugural Inertia Day. The QAGOMA roof terrace provided the perfect location for a day of connection, creativity, communication and fun.

2805264.pngDepartment of Agriculture and Fisheries – for trusting the experience and skill Maverick Minds could bring to their context to help a diverse unit reconnect and focus on key organisational themes. Respect and rapport developed quickly. We understood and respected our respective strengths. People responded positively and allowed themselves to get into the day.

2805264.pngFlying Arts – I’ve had a long association with Flying Arts and its always a joy to work with creative practitioners, involved in interesting projects. Maverick Minds designed an interactive two part course with resources for discussion, reflection and action. This is an opportunity for creative professionals to pause and take stock of their practice and creative wellbeing. It’s an opportunity to learn and share from each other. Who doesn’t enjoy working with people that want to are explore, grow and develop their professional practice whatever that practice is.

2805264.pngVarious individual coaching clients – I have the ongoing privilege of working with executives, managers, and partners in corporate contexts and individuals seeking some aspect of change in their professional life. I love being part of the co-creative coaching process and to witness the insights and changes people create in their lives.

2805264.pngThank you to my writing buddy Dr Andrew Rixon. Over the past 2.5 years Andrew and I have curated and edited our book Facilitating with Stories: Ethics, Reflective Practice and Philosophies. This is our second book together. While it was a demanding project, we also had the joy and privilege of working with the many authors who contributed to the book. During October we ran a series of virtual book launches that were well received by attendees and the authors. If you are interested in the book, use the link to take you to Cambridge Scholars Publishing

As a special offer to Maverick Minds newsletter subscribers use discount code Author40 to receive a 40% discount. I may be biased however I do think it is fantastic resource if you are interested in working with stories in any capacity.

2805264.pngThank you to my co-coaching colleague Helen Zink. Over the past year I’ve had the joy of working with Helen as part of the GTCI Practicum Faculty (Global Team Coaching Institute – Complex Adaptive Systems Program). This was our first time working together so we discussed how we would work together and how we wanted the experience to be not only for us but also for the participants. Our simple mantra became ‘make it good for everyone’ and have some fun along the way. We’ve certainly done that and more, I’ve really enjoyed and learned a lot from the experience and I look forward to future collaborations.

2805264.pngEMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) – an interactive webinar I facilitated which focused on Minding our Creativity in Coaching. I enjoyed the interaction with this international coaching community who hold a love for learning and are curious about creativity in their practice.

2805264.pngAFN (Australian Facilitators Network) – we had our yearly conference which was held virtually. Voluntarily organised this amazing self-organising group (SONG), has gathered for 25 years and always provides an elevating platform for facilitators to experiment, share and learn from each other. I facilitated an interactive session called ‘Making Sense of Complexity: A Visual Exploration, using images to explore complexity. In a highly complex world was a beautiful and inviting simplicity to this years conference.

You probably notice in Maverick Minds Awards descriptions some core characteristics that are embedded across these engagements and influence my professional philosophy.

  • Bringing and creating joy in the work we do together
  • Creating and establishing trust, respect, kindness to bring about positive working relationships. This can happen over time or can happen quickly when the right people, attitudes, mindsets, and behaviours are in place.
  • Everyone involved needs to be open and curious, rather than judgemental and closed
  • A desire to co-create…everyone has their part to play, it’s not just down to one person to make things happen. When we establish positive and creative ways of working, combined with trust and respect, we have a good recipe for working well and getting a positive outcome.
I’m looking forward to 2023 working with current and new clients with creativity and joy at the heart of our collaboration.

If anything sparks your interest or you’d like to know more about any of the projects I’ve mentioned whether its facilitation, individual and team development coaching, interactive presentations, events & workshop sessions, and keynote facilitation. I’d love to have that conversation with you, whether that’s in person, virtually or over the phone. It’s that simple.

I’d also like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy a well-deserved break and take time to nurture your creative wellbeing whether that’s on your own, with friends or family, in the garden, just pottering, making art, looking at art, cooking, swimming, walking, running or savouring the art of simply being.

I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2023 which I hope will be a kind and flourishing one for all of us.

Yours creatively
Dr Cathryn Lloyd
Creative Catalyst
Creative Facilitation & Coaching
Founder Director
Maverick Minds
0406 007 753

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