If the new year has you thinking about redesigning and renovating your workplace particularly around hybrid working take the time to have those conversations with your people and find out what they think creates a great workplace culture. What are the changes and improvements they believe will enhance the place in which they bring their aspirations, hopes, dreams, needs, and desire to make a positive contribution. It is important to design our workplaces with intention and in the case of flexible working to develop a flexible working policy.

As a creative kick starter to your renovation here’s a facilitation process, I use with clients. You can use this as a collaborative tool with the people in your business. You can also use it for yourself to explore anything you are ready to think differently about. It’s Inspired by Jason Clarke’s Ted Talk on Embracing Change.

If you’ve ever renovated a house or moved house this will resonate. There are 4 basic principles to consider, what will you keep, chuck, change and add and off you go…


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Please enjoy.

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